Midgardian Excursions

Reinhart adjusted the collar of his fairly simple-fashioned shirt, one he had designed specifically for outings to the mortal realm. He found that his natural attire gained him unnecessary glances from the humans, and a few spare whispers concerning ‘dungeons and dragons’ that he knew not of, though was very curious about.

He gathered his notebook and his stick of charcoal, and transported himself to Midgard, arriving there in but the blink of an eye. It seemed to be midafternoon upon the realm, and the sun shone down warmly upon him. He smiled in turn; he had always liked the sun here. It was one of the few pleasures he actively enjoyed during his visits there.

He had managed to land himself in a quieter part of some mortal town, a place unfamiliar to him but certainly not threatening in the least. He stood before a set of metal tables and chairs, standing before a rather tiny establishment filled with young mortals, and after a moment of thought, he took to one of the furthest placed chairs, wanting to keep out of the way of the humans, but still wanting to remain close, should there be something of interest to him.